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Beta Testers wanted

We are currently looking for some beta testers. Write us at and tell us why you are interested. Accepted Beta testers will get 2 years of for free (fair use policy, exact conditions that apply will be presented in case you are accepted as beta tester after you showed interest). is a platform that offers a set of easy to use APIs at almost cost price (We only take a small fee to keep things running). A few areas can be useful are:

  • appchat: Secure communication of your microservices
  • cardano: Interact with the cardano blockchain and take control of your assets in a programmatic way
  • email: Send emails securely from within your code
  • network: gain insights in IP reputation and traffic routing
  • pdf: create PDFs like order summaries, invoices and contracts in an automated way
  • phone: Make automated phone calls.
  • radius: Manage users on your wifi from within your code
  • screenshot: Take a screenshot of anything that is a webpage both locally and publicly.
  • sms: Send SMS from within your code
  • vat: Verify VAT numbers
  • verification: Verify that users are real using Phone, EMail, SMS and AI.
  • websocket: Scale websockets effortlessly to thousands of users

Info is targeted at large companies but is equally suited for startups and solo entrepreneurs. Open Source projects benefit from the Lossless Open Source program initiative.

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